The PSP is the newest in transportable gaming technologies, and every person who owns a single gets wonderful worth in becoming capable to download and play all manner of games, motion pictures and music on their PSP.

On the other hand an even much better function of the PSP, is that you can really use it not only to play PSP games, but to also load and play all of your other console games (for instance Nintendo Game Boy games).

To take benefit of this distinctive function, you very first will need to download a piece of computer software onto your PSP, known as an emulator (or in some cases referred to as a 'homebrew').

An emulator is merely piece of computer software that causes your PSP to act as even though it have been an alternate games console, such as a Super Nintendo or a Sega Genesis.

When you have loaded an emulator onto your PSP, the emulator will let you to play other gaming conole games on your PSP. On the other hand, please note that despite the fact that downloading and installing an emulator is not illegal, downloading games to use on your emulator may perhaps be.


Nicely, very first of all, just before you can commence to search for and download an emulator for your PSP, you will need to verify what firmware version your PSP games console has.

This is due to the fact, the only PSP firmware versions that you can download a game onto are versions 1. and 1.50, as at present the firmware versions 1.51 and above, will not let you to run an emulator.

You can verify the firmware version on your PSP console, merely by scrolling left on the PSP's major screen and picking the choices in the following order: SETTINGS > SYSTEMS SETTINGS > Method Facts > Method Application. The Method Application solution ought to show you your PSP's firmware version quantity.

Now that you have checked that you have the appropriate firmware version, you can now go about searching for an emulator.

The ideal solution for PSP games console owners, is to start out by browsing for big official PSP downloading internet websites. They provide you the chance to download emulators for your PSP (as properly as downloading a wide variety of legal games, music and Television shows).

You can also attempt performing a search for your expected PSP emulator (for instance, typing in Nintendo PSP Emulator into a search engine). While be warned, that the computer software you download from little unofficial internet websites may perhaps do extra harm to your PSP games console, than very good.