Figaro Chain: Incredibly Elegant and Fashionable

Chains are created from the assembly of links that vary in shapes & sizes. This diversity gives rise to distinctive patterns of links giving birth to unique styles of chains.

One such very popular style is the Figaro Chain.

The Figaro link Chain displays a recurring design of three short links followed by a longer link. You can easily identify it by this unique and characteristic design.

A fashionable offshoot of the curb chain, the Figaro Chain too uses the curb style flattened links. However, it does not have uniformed sized links. Instead, it typically has an arrangement of 2 to 3 shorter links alternating with a longer link. This arrangement persists through the entire length of the chain.

The principal links of this chain are elongated. A group of three short links is incorporated between each pair of such long links. The term “Figaro Chain” can also refer to other styles that contain one long link followed by a specific number of short links in a repeating pattern.

This chain provides a trendy alternative to chains with the usual uniformly sized links. The visual break provided by the long link makes it less flashy and more suitable for masculine chains. They work well for those who prefer an elegant understated look.

Akin to the curb chains, the Figaro link chain too comes in various widths for you to choose from. Its links are circular or rectangular and usually flattened. Their widths vary from two to five mm. Depending on the width of the chain; it can be worn by itself or with a small charm or stone.

The most remarkable Figaro chains are made in Italy. They are usually worn by men and are often ornamented with pendants such as crosses and medallions. These chains make ultra-chic fashion accessories and add elegance & style to your persona.

The Figaro chain is among the most trendy chain designs. The name of the chain was widely used by Italian chain-makers inspired by the opera, ‘The Marriage of Figaro’. And that is how the name of this chain originated.

This is a very versatile chain and is crafted into bracelets, necklaces, anklets and even some ring designs. As it is beautiful on its own, it is also worn as an everyday accessory.

The unique 3 + 1 link arrangement that characterizes the Figaro Chain makes it an evergreen piece of jewelry that should be a part of every collection.

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